How to add my bot to querybot

If your bot has no method to access the data via web -> FAIL

If your bot is hosted by or learner -> np should work already

You need to provide an URL where a csv file can be retrieved
Format of the URL:
the URL should look like
where "" is the base for all your hosted bots.
"Testbot" must match the botname.
and the extension ".csv"

Format of entries:

buying,Fire Essence,1,2.5
selling,Fire Essence,1,3.5
Selling/Buying In Detail:
1. field = action, atm buying or selling
2. field = "Item Description" should be named according to
3. field = amount, a positive number including 0, * if there is no limit or a positive number with a trailing "?" if the amount is a rough guess because it is not retrievable.
4. field = price, just in gc, please do not use k or such, just for sorting reasons
There should be only one entry for botname, owner, freeemu, freeslots and location.

The location entry has the following structure "location,<mapname>,<x-coord>,<y-coord>"

Buying and selling entries as needed.
The item description must match the description seen in sto,inv or trade.

If you have a bunch of bots you can also provide a "index" file under the base-url like
at minimum there should be one botname per line in raw ascii.
Optional you can add separated by a space-character a url for a existing web-interface.

Just PM me ingame or via forum