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data collected between Tue Jan 26 03:00:02 CET 2021 and Tue Jan 26 03:01:11 CET 2021
el-servicesBookshopN/ADP(C1) 191,116Buying1 2000.00gcFluffy Stone Construction
el-servicesSimbaN/APL(C1) 208,107Selling2 3500.00gcFluffy Summoning Stone
NPCNPC-MarianaN/AAA(C2) 21,27Selling* 4000.00gcFluffy Summoning Stone
el-servicesSummN/ATG(C1) 200,144Selling1 13500.00gcFluffy Stone Construction
NPCNPC-NaharkN/AGP(C1) 54,107Selling* 15000.00gcFluffy Stone Construction
Fluffy Stone Construction13500.00gc14250.00gc15000.00gc
Fluffy Summoning Stone3500.00gc3750.00gc4000.00gc
Fluffy Stone Construction2000.00gc2000.00gc2000.00gc